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Jungk Consult GmbH is an Engineering Company based in Berlin. We apply the practical knowledge of our employees to combine scientific instruments such as mathematical modelling in the sectors Water, Environment and Energy / Geothermal Energy.

Depending on the scope of the project we offer our planning and consulting services either on our own or in collabration with other engineering companies or scientific institutions. We are active in Berlin, throughout Germany as well as internationally with a main focus an Eastern Europe.

In the sector Water we place a focal point on the quality forecast of groundwater and shore filtrate, and in the regional and local regulation of groundwater levels.

In the sector Environment, the focus lies mainly on consulting, planning and project management with respect to remediation technologies (in situ biological and chemical processes, funnel & gate) and the optimisation of conventional processes, e.g. Pump & Treat by combining innovative processes such as modern infiltration methods as well as in situ processes.

With respect to the sector renewable Energy, our focus is on geothermal energies. The main concern in this activity is the desing and dimensioning of geothermal systems for near-surface geothermal energy. For this purpose, we also perform the required model calculations.


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